Play video content DOIN' IT FOR DAD Forget Rookie of the Year ... is new Ravens wideout Zay Flowers already the Son of the Year?!? Baltimore's first-rounder sure made a great case for that accolade this week ... buying his dad a new car as a thank-you present following April's NFL draft!! Flowers' agent, Eric Dounn, said the 2023 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 was the first thing the former Boston College star picked up with the new marketing money he got after the Ravens took him with the No.
Gallery Launch Gallery Jim Bartsch Floyd Mayweather is wasting no time unloading the hundreds of millions he won less than a month ago ... plunking down $25.5 million on a Beverly Hills mansion. The 15,000 sq ft home features 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a wine cellar and a guest house with a movie theater. The crib was built by developer Nile Niami and also features an incredible backyard pool for when Floyd wants some R&R.
Love is Blind star Giannina Gibelli, 29, and The Bachelor’s Blake Horstmann, 33, are dating after meeting on Paramount Plus’ All Star Shore. They’ve kept their romance a secret for a while, but are now Instagram official. Since the new reality show began airing on June 29th, viewers started wondering who Blake’s new beau is. As fans will already know, they’ve both had their fair share of on-screen dating, but have now found true love with one another.


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YouTube that was launched almost 15 years ago has now become the world’s largest video-sharing platform with over two billion users around the world. Since its launch back in 2005, YouTube has massively impacted the mass media landscape. With YouTube content worth billions of hours consumed every day around the globe, the media platform has turned many commoners into celebrities and its influencers earn millions of dollars every year. Working on the model of subsidiary business, YouTube users mainly earn from ad revenue and partnerships.
Hip-hop artist 21 Savage definitely proved he’s a stellar prankster, by showing off a photo of his tattoo-free face on Sept. 20 when taking to Snapchat. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw his newly clear forehead in the clip, no longer featuring the giant large knife between his eyes, which has truly become a symbol for the Atlanta-based rapper. “Just got all my tattoos removed,” he claimed, showcasing his altered appearance.
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Let's face it, we owe a lot to the '90s. While some of the era's trends were certainly head-scratchers (looking at you, jelly shoes), there's no denying the decade was an absolute fashion and beauty gold mine. And even if you were born on the cusp of the early 2000s (like myself) and were but a wee child when these trends first flourished, plenty of iconic looks of the past are back and better than ever — including hair accessories.
Sierra Cabot's OnlyFans leak refers to the unauthorized release of explicit and private content from the popular content creator's OnlyFans account. Such leaks can have significant consequences for the individual involved, including damage to their reputation, loss of income, and emotional distress. The importance of protecting one's privacy and the potential risks associated with sharing explicit content online cannot be overstated. It is crucial to be aware of the potential consequences before engaging in such activities and to take steps to protect oneself from unauthorized access to private information.